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As a jazz singer, experimental musician, and professional vocal coach, I nurture a deep passion for vocal techniques, contemporary teaching methods, and the captivating art of vocal improvisation.

For me, every  Circle Singing session is not only a musical highlight but also a personal enrichment.

It consistently brings me joy to witness how enthusiastic and effective participants are in training and developing their singing skills and musical abilities through the Circle Songs.

I've had the pleasure of working closely with singers from the vibrant worlds of pop, jazz, and choral music, alongside improvisation enthusiasts, dedicated music educators, instrumental instructors, universities, and music schools.

If you're eager to experience this remarkable journey, you can find further details about my courses here.

What is Circle Singing?

Circle Singing, people holding each others hands while singing

Circle Singing is an exciting musical practice that embodies the essence of interactive choir singing.


There are many variations, but creativity, improvisation, and the joy of communal singing always take center stage.

In this fun choral experience, a group gathers in a circle and, under the guidance of the person in the center, sings pre-established or spontaneously created phrases, which are repeated as "Loops" (Ostinati) until a new phrase is introduced.

Through this creative process, unique polyphonic pieces emerge, featuring captivating rhythms, diverse harmonies, and enchanting soundscapes, collectively known as Circle Songs.

The origins of Circle Singing trace back to the earliest forms of human vocal artistry.

Notably, musician and vocal artist Bobby McFerrin played a pivotal role in celebrating Circle Singing worldwide.

Sign up for Circle Singing if you

  • are feeling curious

  • find joy in singing in a group

  • are open to new musical sounds and adventures

  • want to avoid the pressure of expectations and evaluations

  • wish to use your voice with freedom and flexibility

  • desire to improve your abilities in musical interaction

  • aim to elevate your musicality, encompassing harmony, rhythm, and melody

  • seek to unleash your creative potential

  • even have ambitions to lead a Circle Song yourself (completely optional)"



Discover the enchanting allure of experimental choir singing with "Open Circle Singing".

Who is it for:

Whether you're an experienced singer or a complete beginner, everyone is warmly welcomed.

All you need is your voice, an open ear, and a willingness to let go and be in the moment.

What to expect in the class:

Under my guidance, we come together in a circular formation to sing a cappella, in motion, with creativity and spontaneity, all without the need for sheet music or judgments. I'll introduce short and simple musical patterns, which participants will pick up, repeat, and build upon.

In a relaxed and informal setting, you'll have the chance to enhance your skills in musical interaction and improvisation, explore the flexibility and versatility of your voice, fine-tune your sense of rhythm, and further develop your singing talent.


Judith Gippert giving a class in Circle Singing

How to create and lead freely improvised Circle Songs? What variations of Circle Singing are there, and how do we incorporate voices into them?

This practical course is designed for singers, choir directors, music teachers, musicians, vocal ensembles, and passionate Circle Singing fans, offering a whole new perspective.

We'll dive into the technique and structure of Circle Songs, unveiling the enchanting soundscapes and rhythmic grooves.

You'll gain a deep understanding of the fundamental musical principles needed to craft your own remarkable Circle Songs.

In this context, vocal abilities take a back seat to rhythm and creativity.

Moreover, we'll walk you through specific exercises that serve as perfect warm-ups within a Circle, helping you effectively apply these techniques.

If you have any more text to work on or questions, feel free to let me know!

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