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Dr. Marta Mathea Radwan

Conductor, Composer, Arranger
London, UK

"I truly enjoyed sessions with Judy, which I found very inspirational. She was motivating and engaging in a very kind way, Judy is very passionate about music and teaching, generously sharing her tips and ideas.

It was very refreshing and I will surely come back.

Highly recommended."

Testimonial - Luisa Knauss.jpg

Luisa Knauss

Singer from "Pentastone"
Darmstadt, Germany

"Before Judith, I had never had singing lessons and didn't know what to expect. I felt super comfortable with her from the very first lesson. I particularly like that she explains all the steps theoretically, so you understand what you're doing. However, practice is, of course, the focus. In a short time, I've gained a much better feeling for my voice, and we could address my problem areas directly, as the lessons are individually tailored. I can truly recommend Judith's lessons to everyone wholeheartedly!"

Student of Judith Gippert, Broadway singer Charity Angel Dawson on stage

Charity Angél Dawson

Broadway Singer & Performer
New York, US

"I was very nervous because I had to prepare for an audition that required a pretty high level of Scat singing which I have had very little experience doing. I came across Judith's videos and instantly felt a deeper understanding of what it takes to improvise successfully.

I've been a singer and performer professionally for almost 20 years but never really picked up theory and working with Judith helped me immensely.

And I got a callback.

Thanks Judith!"

Student of Judith Gippert Voice artist Gabriel Porras looking at camera

Gabriel Porras

Multiple award-winning voiceover artist
London, UK 

"I have been a voice professional for over thirty years and have done thousands of exercises and routines to care for and improve my voice over that time. None have been as fun, musical and creative as Judith's warm-ups and exercises. She makes vocal practice something to look forward to rather than a daily chore, so much, that I'll always end up refreshed and energized. Doo-bah-days!"

Student of Judith Gippert, Singer and Songwriter Thies Engel in front of dark wall

Thies Engel

Singer & Songwriter
Frankfurt, Germany

"Judith is the best!

She helped me a lot with gaining more confidence and control while singing. Every lesson I learn something new about my voice, get delicious tea and it's always fun."

Singer Wendy Leung student of Judith Gippert

Wendy Leung

Vocal Coach
Hong Kong, China

"Judith is a brilliant teacher and a great mentor who really guides you to a better and more positive path in your music career. I have been a vocal coach for years and still receive so many helpful methods from each of Judith's lessons! She is a teacher who really shares, and I enjoy and love to take challenges from her. If you are a beginner to Jazz she is the right person, and if you are a professional you would learn a lot and even become a better you!"

Singer and student of Judith Gippert Ilona Cooray in a beautiful light pink dress

Illona Cooray

Pop Singer and Doctor
Ja-ela, Sri Lanka

I was introduced to Judith via her YouTube channel "Scat Kitchen".

As an aspiring jazz pianist, I figured taking vocal lessons would influence my creativity.

My mind was blown by how little I knew about singing in general.

If you are looking for a vocal coach, go for Judith (also this is coming from someone who has had vocal lessons before from several teachers).

My reasons are-

1) If you can learn jazz singing, singing other genres would be a piece of cake to you (Again this is my opinion. Some might argue) plus there will be originality in your voice

2. Judith is a Scat singing Professor with a solid grasp of other vocal styles. 3. She knows exactly what to fix and how to fix it.

I remember for years I used to think that since I was naturally high-pitched, I was always going to sound like a chipmunk.

But my life changed when she gave me a couple of jaw relaxation exercises which brought about some raspiness to my tone.


Just 5 lessons with her did wonders for my vocals.

And no this is neither self-proclamation nor something Judith herself said, but what the people around me said about my singing.

Singer Steffi Dehm talks about  Judith Gippert

Steffi Dehm

Hobby Singer
Frankfurt, Germany

"Judith is fantastic. I needed a quick urgent support for a record studio date. I stayed with her for just one hour and was a shy beginner. I left her with a lot of self-confidence and it's unbelievable how she's able to look inside a person!

Student of Judith Gippert, Singer and Yoga teacher Nadine Haschke standing between trees

Nadine Haschke

Yoga instructor & Mantra singer
Frankfurt, Germany

"I thank Judith from the bottom of my heart.

This was not just singing lessons, this was therapy and coaching in growth and blossoming."

Singer Xiao Wu playing guitar for Judith Gippert

Xiao Wu

Jazz & Pop Vocal Student
Bern, Switzerland

"I found Judith via her YouTube videos. They were really interesting and useful. I reached out to her for some help with scatting. She was really patient with me even though I didn’t have any experience with that.

Besides scatting, she is also a great vocal coach. She is helping me to find the areas that I’ve never explored before and encourages me a lot which helped me to see more possibilities for my voice. It has been a lot of fun with her and I would definitely recommend working with Judith!"

Nastja Isabella Zahour looking at camera sitting on a couch for Judith Gippert

Nastja Isabella Zahour

Pop & Soul Singer , Austria

"Luckily I found Judith by chance on Youtube and was immediately convinced by her funny and creative way of teaching.

I am new to the Jazz world and through her coaching, I am even more motivated to continue my education!"

Singer Nina Caroline playing the guitar for Judith Gippert

Nina Caroline

Singer & Songwriter
Brighton, UK

"I've had many vocal teachers before Judith and she is the best one BY FAR. The lessons with her are always fun.

She helped me to really understand my voice and I've never felt so confident with my singing. Totally worth it!"

Singer and guitar player Stefan Menzel wearing a hat talks about vocal coaching with Judith Gippert

Stefan Menzel

Jazz Enthusiast
Munich, Germany

Music has accompanied and enriched me as a hobby all my life, it is like the breathing of my soul. I discovered my enthusiasm for jazz late in life, especially improvisation and scat singing. For me as an amateur, conventional methods were much too complex, so I am overjoyed to have found Judith. With her teaching method, which is intuitive and structured at the same time, she helped me to make significant progress in a short time. In the meantime, improvisation is often more important to me than the given melody.

Singer Christina Dana singing with microphone on stage for Judith Gippert

Christina Dana

Jazz Singer
Örebro, Sweden

"After only one lesson (!) I do understand how to practice my scat singing so much better! Judith is wonderful at explaining and giving tips.

She made it simple and I was more motivated after the lesson.

She is also very visual both in her lessons and in her films on Youtube.

So much fun combined with experience and knowledge.

I just love her! I can´t wait to meet her again!

Now to my daily practice with Judith!"

Singer Linda Deierling walking along the street for Judith Gippert

Linda Deierling

Pop & Choir singer
Frankfurt, Germany

"Judith showed me, that I can sing and above all, took away my fear of showing it. Not only vocally have I been able to get to know a new facet of myself. I'm very grateful for her warm and professional lessons."

Singer Marita Orfert looking into camera for Judith Gippert

Marita Orfert

Cologne, Germany

"Judith is a very competent vocal coach who invites you to sing with many impulses and extremely creative tips. She picks you up on your strengths and weaknesses and leads you to your voice, in which you feel comfortable. This is a real joy. She encourages you to work with positive forces. I'm happy that I found her and highly recommend her vocal classes.".

Singer and student of Judith Gippert Mona Stierwald in front of a beautiful building for Judith Gippert


Research Assistant & Lecturer
Frankfurt, Germany

"Having never received vocal coaching, I felt quite nervous regarding my first class. And then I was amazed at how Judith succeeded in putting me at ease and making me feel comfortable. I consider her an extremely talented teacher who creates a safe space and courage you to experiment with your voice. Not only did I discover my love for singing in her classes, but I also noticed improvements in my lecturing practice thanks to her vocal exercises. I am totally enjoying it!"

Student of Judith Gippert Singer Emmanuelle Trinquesse looking at camera

Emmanuelle Trinquesse

Lecturer in singing and voice therapy
Marseille, France

"The lessons with Judith allowed me to reconnect with spontaneous and fun improvisation. She figured out exactly what I needed and finds the right tools. I'm so happy to have met you, Judith, it was an amazing collaboration and I'm looking forward to singing with you again!"

Singer Baran Tehrani talks about lessons with Judith Gippert

Baran Mostafa Tehrani

Jazz Singer
Tehran, Iran

"Having never received vocal coaching, I felt quite nervous regarding my first class. And then I was amazed at how Judith succeeded in putting me at ease and making me feel comfortable. I consider her an extremely talented teacher who creates a safe space and encourages you to experiment with your voice. Not only did I discover my love for singing in her classes, but I also noticed improvements in my lecturing practice thanks to her vocal exercises. I am totally enjoying it!"

Singer and Saxophone player and Michael Reinisch looking at camera for Judith Gippert

Michael Reinisch

Saxophone Player, Singer & Songwriter
Frankfurt, Germany

"With Judith, it doesn't matter if you are a professional musician or an amateur. The only important thing is that you enjoy singing. Then she takes you up to the next level with exercises that suit you. Whether it's voice training, vocal technique, or song interpretation, it's always fun and makes you want to sing more."

Lecturer and singer Kerstin Wegener gives feedback for lessons with Judith Gippert

Kerstin Wegener

Frankfurt, Germany

"I put much strain on my voice professionally and I love to sing. For years, Judith has been a super coach for me, very dedicated and orientated on my personal voice development needs."

Singer Lena Kreutz in a cozy surrounding tale positive about Judith Gippert


Jazz & Choir singer
Frankfurt, Germany

"With Judith, I felt comfortable from the first moment. She accompanies me with a lot of humor, creative ideas, and empathy on the way to rediscovering my voice. The mixture of trust, understanding, and enthusiasm for music makes her a great companion for me! Clear recommendation!"

Singer Deborah Kassis looking at camera and talking about Judith Gippert

Deborah Kassis

Singer & Songwriter
Hamburg, Germany

"Judith is an exceptional coach. She always sees the individual as a whole and addresses personal requests and needs. Not only is she the best professional coach, but she is also special at nurturing and empowering a person."

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